The Myths of Project Management, 2nd edition

After 15 years of many prints and copies, I finally made a second edition of my bestselling book “Myter om projekt”. Major thanks to Ola Håkansson at Studentlitteratur for pushing me to make this new edition a reality!

Sad to say it is just as relevant today as when first edition came out. One could even argue that it is even more relevant for practice now than it was in the end of the 1990:s. Since the project management tools and the project “form” is even more taken for granted today, the critique is very needed!  The new edition has a new preface, a new section on agile project management, a new (great) chapter in the end, as well as some minor changes. But over all it is the same straight forward critique of the many, but very similar, project tools, models and approaches out there.

Still only in Swedish? Yes but I will have it translated ASAP…

Myter baksida

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