About Jesper

• Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Economics within the Department of Management
• A prize-winning educator and author
• A passionate lecturer, management analyst, and business advisor

Jesper is a well-loved lecturer who can deliver academic, critical, and – maybe most important – actionable messages in any business context. From sharp inspirational speeches in large arena-like settings to highly intellectual dialogue-based lectures in small management groups, Jesper’s communicative ability thrives.

As an educator and advisor, Jesper has been involved in everything from startup phases of new businesses to setting the stage for major complex industrial projects and organizational change efforts. He has run workgroups with management at large multinationals, and he is a regular lecturer and speaker at major management and leadership events.

Jesper’s research interests are vast, and so are his business services. From project management, with a focus on behavioral and social aspects as well as multiproject contexts, to gender, equality, and diversity research, to research-based general management knowledge and organizing financial institutions, all the way to philosophy of science for managers, ethics and personal leadership coaching.

With a solid footing in academic management research, Jesper can deliver something different from most high-end professionals, inspirational lecturers, and management consultancy and advisory firms out there. Not only is his knowledge base different, but his method is too; academic critical thinking, theory-driven reframing of problems and challenges, and critical dialogue with his audience and clients.
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