My main product is lectures. My lecture “The Myths of Project Management” is somewhat of a classic that fits into any organization, is relevant in all industrial sectors, and is appreciated in all kinds of educational efforts and developmental settings. This lecture is highly generic, but always tailored to the specific context it is given within. I have given it in everything from a short 30-minute inspirational speech with thousands of listeners to a full-day seminar with a handful of top-level executives.

• Why is the traditional, widely accepted way of planning and executing projects dysfunctional?
• Why do most project tools hinder rather than help project success?
• What do organizational theory and empirical research say about how projects should be conducted?

Another favorite theme is “Classic and Contemporary Perspectives on Organization.” This lecture draws on academic organizational and management research, selecting the most useful models and frameworks that can produce actionable and practically relevant knowledge today.

• How can you analyze and structure functional and efficient processes?
• How can you invest in people and attract talent?
• How can you understand, manage, and develop core values and organizational culture?
• How can you analyze, develop, and manage brand value in all parts of an organization?
• How can you analyze, map, and navigate organizational politics among various stakeholders?

A third area in which I give lectures on a more or less regular basis is the problem of diversity and equality.

• Why are diverse and gender equal management groups important?
• Why are they so hard to achieve?
• How can this be done?

I also love to lecture on “Philosophy of Science and Management Practice,” “Making Sense of Organizations and Sense Making in Organization,” “The Social Psychology of Organizing,” “Creating Real Organizational Change,” “Risk Management in Banks and Financial Institutions,” etc.

Seminars, workshops, and events

Not far from lecturing is facilitating workshops and seminars, with more interaction than a typical lecture. I’m flexible enough to adapt to your wishes and programs, but can also be involved in developing educational efforts from scratch.

Advice and consulting
Sometimes organizations and businesses have problems that are much more vague or hard to pinpoint than those found in the typical management consultancy project. This is when a more theory-driven academic frame of mind is potentially the most beneficial starting point for analysis. Let me reframe your situation and help with problem (re-)definition of the situation at hand.


Many business leaders experience how lonely it can be at the top. Not always in regard to task solutions and the more professional/rational side of work, but on the more personal and maybe emotional side. To have an outsider, a true outsider with an academic rather than professional knowledge base, can then be of high value. Feel free to contact me and make an appointment for an open one-on-one about how I might be able to help you!

Case studies and minor research efforts

Yes, not really academic research, but not too far from it. One way to go about it, if your budget is limited, is to have one or two of my management students at Stockholm School of Economics have a look at it.